Crestline First United Methodist Church

Crestline Faith and Fitness is a part of the Sports Ministry of Crestline First United Methodist Church on the corner of Thoman and Union streets in Crestline, Ohio. We are a group of people of any age that run and walk together for the Glory of God. We meet every Monday at 6:15 for a group run or walk. There are many fitness levels represented, and all are welcome. Perhaps you are an established runner, and want a day of the week that you can run with other people who enjoy running. Perhaps you are not able to run, but like to walk to increase your health and enjoy fellowship with other people. We try to stay in groups. We usually have a set of runners, a set of fast walkers, and a set of slower walkers. There are several courses that we use to match these groups. There are moms and dads that push their children in strollers, there are some that stay close to the church by just circling the quarter mile loop.

All are welcome to attend to enjoy the God’s wonderful outdoors, fellowship, a devotion and prayers.

Faith & Fitness

202 North Thoman Street, Crestline, Ohio 44827

Worship: Sundays at 9:30 a.m.